Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Surfers

June 3, 2013


The beginner course at Costa Rica Surf Camp is designed for the “first time” surfers. “First time” surfers include anyone who is not comfortable catching waves on their own. Our 6 night/7 day packages include five  two-hour long lessons, including a water class with “surfing etiquette” and “ocean safety”. We guarantee that you will be able to ride your first wave on your very first lesson! Unlimited use of surfboards in available for the duration of this course.

Our small courses guarantee you the attention you deserve and need to succeed as a beginner surfer. Our 2 student per instructor policy will have you up and surfing in no time, as well as feeling comfortable riding the waves.



Students in the intermediate level should have tried surfing at least five times before, feel comfortable in the waves, and be able to paddle by themselves most of the time. Intermediate students will learn wave knowledge in order to be able to catch waves using their own judgment. Students will be taught how to turn the surfboard to either side of the wave and go down the line on the wave. The 6 night/7day course includes five -2 hour long lessons with a water class on “surfing etiquette” and “ocean safety”. Unlimited use of surfboards in available for the duration of this course.



Students enrolled as advanced surfers should have skills to paddle out on a consistent surf brake and be able to “duck dive,” “turtle” or pass through the waves with no problem. Advanced surfers should be able to select a wave and take off, know about surfing etiquette and know how to swim well. In the advance course students will learn skills on how to improve take off on a wave, turn on time, how to get speed, how to do better turns and cutbacks. Advanced students will also to be taught how to read the waves and will focus on any areas of desired improvement.

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