Surfing in the rainy season!

October 23, 2013

New Surfboard at Costa Rica Surf Camp

For many experienced surfers, the rainiest time of the year here at Costa Rica Surf Camp is the best time of the year to surf the breaks around Playa Dominical. Our good friends, Jeff and Steve, try and get down to Playa Dominical every year in September or October! This year we surfed up and down to Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica with them, hitting up Playa Hermosa de Jaco, Playa Dominical and all the way down to Cabo Matapalo, but the majority of their time was spent right here in Playa Dominical.

The breaks at Dominical beach are prime this time of year when some of the biggest swells on the year come in. While the waves are great for advanced surfers, white wash comes in and still provides a great smaller wave for beginner and intermediate surfers. Everyone here at Costa Rica Surf Camp is having a blast and summer is just around the corner!



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