Pura vida from Costa Rica Surf Camp

November 7, 2013

We have been stoked in the past week or so with wonderful weather and great surf! Halloween went by with Playa Dominical’s own twist on the Holiday and a good time was had by everybody! But the best times were had out in the water. The team at Costa Rica Surf Camp had a great time with our student from Portland, who was an advanced student who caught some great waves. Costa Rica Surf Camp student says he is just as stoked as we are from is awesome surfing vacation at Costa Rica Surf Camp:


I just completed a one-week surf camp with Costa Rica Surf Camp and it was truly fantastic.

I am an experienced surfer, so didn’t need too much instruction, but I still found spending time in the water with the instructors both valuable and fun. They took me to the different spots in the area and introduced me to many of their friends. I also observed them working with some beginners and saw first hand how well they coach people through their first surf experience.

Out of the water, they also showed me a great time, taking me to several sites in the area and inviting me along to dinners with their friends.

Cesar, Ezequiel, Falon and Kaitlin are some of the warmest and most caring people I have met anywhere in my travels. They were truly dedicated to me having a wonderful experience throughout my trip. So glad they are now my friends.

– Jim, Portland, review from TripAdvisor

Costa Rica Surf Camp Student Jim catching some great wavesCosta Rica Surf CampCosta Rica Surf CampCosta Rica Surf Camp at the Posa Azul

We have been so lucky with the weather this rainy season (if you can even call it that). The sun is out in full force in Dominical and the swell is picking up. November is going to be a great time to plan your Costa Rica Surf Camp surfing vacation so make sure you made your arrangements before you miss out on your chance to be stoked!

Warm wishes and a big Pura Vida from Costa Rica Surf Camp here in beautiful Playa Dominical, Costa Rica!

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