July 15, 2017

At Costa Rica Surf Camp we offer a surf and yoga package for people who want to gain strength, flexibility, and challenge themselves in a unique way in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific. There are so many benefits to practicing yoga and surfing alongside each other, read on to learn more.

Practive Yoga in Costa Rica

Photo: Danyasa


From endurance to muscle strength to flexibility, practicing yoga will help your surfing dramatically. Breathing techniques used in yoga can increase your lung capacity. This helps with your endurance as well as making those big wipe outs a lot easier to work through! Sun salutations increase core strength and arm strength for better pop-ups. Twisting poses in yoga help you stretch out your shoulders, open your chest, and increase flexibility in your torso rotations for better turns.


Both surfing and yoga are personal practices which allow you to be present in every moment. Any surfer will tell you that the ocean is their greatest teacher in life. It teaches us patience, self-awareness, and how to challenge our mental limits. Practicing yoga and meditation help you stay present during your surf sessions. At Costa Rica Surf Camp our team of instructors push you to do your best in the water and improve your skills at each lesson. You can develop the mental focus to overcome mental limitations and conquer your fears in the water allowing you to improve your surfing constantly.

Surfing and yoga teach us to engage all of our senses while challenging our limits. Each wave is unique, rewarding us differently each time. Whether you are just learning about yoga and are a beginning to surf, or are advanced in your practice, combining the two will bring you continuous benefits for both activities.

Beginner Surfer in Costa Rica

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