August 10, 2017

10 Things we love about Costa Rica in August

August in Costa Rica is our favorite time of the year. While it is still in considered the rainy season in Costa Rica, it is not as bad as you might think. The weather is great (yes, there is sunshine!), everything is lush and green and the waves are fun and uncrowded. Here are 10 reasons why we love Playa Dominical in August…

1). Indian Summer. 

Called “Veranillo” (“Little Summer”) is known to start in late June or early July, and last several weeks, but we have noticed that the great weather usually continues throughout August. You can expect dry days with rainstorms in the late afternoon or evening.


2). Waves! 

August in Costa Rica gets some of the best swells and waves out of the whole year. While the waves in the United States tend to be a little smaller this time of the year, the swells pick up in size in Costa Rica. Since the rain holds off until September, you get nice clean waves and a size for everyone! Not only are the waves great this time of the year, but you will also escape the crowds that our summer (January – April) brings.

Wave in Playa Dominical in August
3). Sunsets 

While the sunsets in Costa Rica are beautiful year round, the clouds from the rain bring out much more colors in our sunsets. This picture should an explanation in itself.

Amazing Costa Rica Sunset4). Green and Lush. 

The rain we begin to get in April brings out the greens in all the lush foliage that surrounds Playa Dominical. After a hot dry season last year, everything is back and a rich color of green. Which is why we call our rainy season the “Green Season.”

5). Mangosteens.

 Mangosteens are a purple fruit thought to have originated from Indonesia. August is the only month of the entire year in Costa Rica that these fruit are in season. Mangosteens, also known as the Queen’s fruit, are possible the most delicious fruit we have tried. Like a citrus, mangosteens have a hard purple shell that is inedible and the insides are white and sweet. In our personal opinion, mangosteens are worth a trip to Costa Rica in August themselves.

6). Less Crowds. 

This is what brings most people to Costa Rica in August. While Dominical is normally a pretty quiet, laid back town, it is nice to not have to get to the beach extra early to get a spot under the shade. Another plus to an uncrowded beach is the uncrowded waves, which is perfect for both beginner and experienced surfers alike.

7). Lots of water = lot’s of adrenaline. 

With the rains, the rivers fill up making this the best time of the year enjoy adrenaline tours like white water rafting and waterfall rappelling. Costa Rica in August is full of adventures and this is the time of the year to take advantage of it!

8). Evening rainstorms. 

There is nothing like falling asleep to the sounds of rain. The rain in Costa Rica during August normally does not start until evening, which cools everything down and can be very relaxing. Every once and a while we will experience some serious rain and lightening, which is a blast to watch from one of the many ocean front restaurants.

9). It cools off…

 After a long a particularly hot summer, we are all very happy about the cooler weather. By that we mean, highs in the 86 and lows in the 70s. It is still a warm tropical time of the year, but the weather is much more tolerable.

10). Green Season Rate 

On top of all of these great things we have already listed, travelers also get to enjoy discounted rates! So what are you waiting for, come visit Costa Rica in August and have the surfing vacation of a lifetime!


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