April 24, 2017

There is no question that one of the best surfing beaches in Costa Rica is located in the town of Dominical. There are no other waves that have the same consistency and size that is ideal for surfers in any other area of Costa Rica. This has turned this particular beach into one of the most popular place for experienced surfers and amateur enthusiasts to go to. In this article we are going to talk about the best time to visit dominical to make sure that you can catch it during the sunniest season.


weather in Dominical March

Playa Dominical in March

There are two main seasons in Costa Rica. You have the rainy season and the dry season, but you are never going to experience any cold winters that will force you to wear many layers of clothing. You will experience a lot more people traveling between the end of December to the end of April, this is considered Costa Rica’s dry season, and you will be able to enjoy mostly sunny days at the beach at all times. The humidity in the area is up to 75% during the dry season and it will escalate to 90% during the wet season. The weather in Dominical is usually great through the year with the exception of a few rainy months, October being the wettest and tapering off near the middle to end of November.

weather in Dominical June

Dominical beach in June

Costa Rica in May, the beginning of the “rainy season” is a quiet time where travelers get to experience the joys of the changing season. After several dry months, the lush jungles of the southern pacific coast welcome the rainy. It starts to cool off slightly and travelers can still enjoy rain free days, with a short heavy downpour in the late afternoon or evening. We love this time of year! Everything returns to green and you can’t beat the quiet beaches.

The truth is that Costa Rica is generally a place that you can visit during any season and you will have a blast. It doesn’t matter if the rainy season has started because a lot of the beautiful natural wonders still look outstanding when it rains. Even during the rainiest seasons you will be able to enjoy a few sunny days a week (or just rains for a short period during the days) unless you happen to catch a very rainy week. The weather in Dominical, Costa Rica is never cold enough to ruin your vacations, but it can get pretty sunny, so remember to bring your sun tan lotion.

weather in Dominical January

Beautiful sunsets year round

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