Greg, Katy and Maya Govan

May 4, 2013
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Costa Rica Surf Camp goes beyond surf instruction on a phenomenal beach.
Cesar, Nacho, and Kaitlyn made this vacation the BEST our family has ever experienced.
Cesar and his crew made this surf vacation a dream come true.
We are returning to Cesar’s fantastic team.
Cesar and Nacho, the instructors, worked well with all three of us beginners. We practiced on the sand and rehearsed ocean safety before beginning with surfing the white water. Although we all “popped” up on the first session in the white water, Cesar and Nacho continued to support us with gradually more challenging waves. As our confidence and skills increased, we explored different breaks at various beaches. Cesar adjusted the schedule of the sessions to the best time of the day for our level of surfing. Cesar demonstrates a talent for teaching. Maya continues to talk of Nacho. His humor and gentleness inspired Maya to surf every day (even when she was already tired). We are so grateful for the wonderful care from Cesar, Nacho, and Kaitlyn.
Cesar and Kaitlyn customized our activities based on our needs and preferences.
Dominical is a hub for great activities. We used the local bus and taxis for excursions (and did not need a car). We are great food at local restaurants. Our daughter preferred Tortilla Flats because of the food, the friendly servers, and the craft tables presenting artisan work across the street. We liked the social scene and the beach panoramas. We visited the reserve Hacienda Baru, kayaked in the mangrove reserve, rode horses to waterfalls, and flew on the mild zip line at the flight of the toucans. On mellow days, we read books by the pool. Muchas gracias por todo. Esperamos que nos encontremos en 2011. Pura Vida y mas alla.

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May 4, 2013