August 12, 2017

Surfing Playa Dominical beats surfing pretty much anywhere else on earth. Although we’re a small town, we have lots to offer. We’re known for one of the most consistent surf breaks in the country, with several spots around for all experience levels. When you’re not surfing there is no shortage of affordable things to do, places to eat, or new adventures to try.

Authentic Costa Rica, Small Town Vibes

We’re a small town, and proud of it. You won’t see big, built up hotels and resorts anywhere in or even near Playa Dominical. We have lots of small local businesses that attract the more alternative type, rather than large commercialized tour groups. Playa Dominical offers visitors an authentic Costa Rica beach experience. At Costa Rica Surf Camp all of our instructors are locals, so surfing Playa Dominical with them will be as authentic as it gets.

Small Town Playa Dominical A Surfers Paradise

Uncrowded Waves for All Levels

Costa Rica sees millions of visitors each year, but you wouldn’t know it when surfing Playa Dominical. Because of its low key vibe, surf breaks are still relatively uncrowded, especially when compared to the busy beaches of Guanacaste. Advanced surfers love surfing Playa Dominical for its barreling waves. For intermediate surfers Playa Dominicalito, located 10 minutes south, has great mushy waves with a slow take off. Beginners will love both with the long rides and powerful white wash of Dominical, or the thrill of catching green waves from the get go at Dominicalito.

Playa Dominicalito Surfers for all Levels

Great for Budget Travellers

You can check out our posts for ideas on things to do when you’re not surfing Playa Dominical. We also made a list of the best places to eat which you can try post surf-session. Dominical is an ideal destination for adventurous families or young budget travelers. You can explore several waterfalls, try out white water rafting, or relax with some yoga. There are several yoga studios in town, and we recommend trying our awesome surf and yoga retreat.

If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at our gallery to see why Playa Dominical should be your top surf vacation destination.

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