May 22, 2017
Surf Instructor at Costa Rica Surf Camp

Henry of Costa Rica Surf Camp

How did you learn to surf?

I learned to surf at the river mouth break here in Dominical Beach. I was with some friends who were really good at surfing, and they thought I knew a little more than I did, so they gave me a short board and sent me out to the surf. There was a big swell at the time and I didn’t know how to read the tides yet, so conditions were hard. When the first wave came it was almost 10 feet! So, needless to say, it didn’t go very well for me. After that, I didn’t go back to the river mouth for a while, but I surfed in front of Roca Verde until I got better. That was my first experience and I’ve just been surfing ever since.

What made you want to be a surf instructor?

I love being a surf instructor because I love seeing people learn to surf, they’re always so happy. It’s great to see them practicing afterward and know that I helped introduce them to that, it really makes me happy too.

What do you think sets the surf instructors at Costa Rica Surf Camp apart?

People should come learn to surf here because the instructors are all really professional, the classes are well taught, and we have really small classes with only 2 people per instructor, so you’re basically getting a private lesson.

What is your favorite part about surfing?

When the waves are good! I get an adrenaline rush when surfing big waves, and when I feel stressed out it helps me burn off extra energy and relax afterward. It’s important for me to do exercise and it’s great to be able to exercise while doing something I love.

What do you like about working at Costa Rica Surf Camp?

I love the people that work here. Coming to work to hang out in good vibes makes the job a lot of fun. I also think it’s such a gift to be able to work looking at the ocean and hearing the waves. The best part is watching the sunset every day. It’s all Pura Vida here.

Costa Rica Surf Camp instructor

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