Planning Your Surf Camp Vacation

July 7, 2013

Planning Your Surf Camp Vacation with Costa Rica Surf Camp

When planning your trip to Costa Rica Surf Camp, there are several things that we think are very helpful to remember. Here is a list of things that we think will make your trip more enjoyable… and a couple of things that you cannot forget!

1). Swimsuit. This will be your main article of clothing during you surf camp adventure here in Playa Dominical, and it is very important to bring swimsuits that you will be comfortable being active in during your surf lessons. Surfing requires a good amount of movement, so it is a good idea to pack tight-fitting swim suits that will not fall off!

2).Rashgaurds (long-sleeved is recommended). Rashguards are U.V. protected surf shirts, and this is a must for long hours in the hot Costa Rican sun. Playa Dominical is a short eight degrees from the equator, and the sun’s rays are extremely powerful. Your surf camp vacation will be much more enjoyable without a nasty sunburn!

3). Waterproof Sunscreen. This is another must for your Costa Rica Surf Camp vacation. Since we are so much closer to the sun down here, you will burn a lot faster than you think (even if it’s cloudy). Even our instructors, who are local to Playa Dominical, know how important it is to load up on sunblock before every single surf session. We recommend AloeGator, Headhunter and Waterman’s for a sunscreen that will truly last through your 2-hour surf lesson.

Those are our top 3 must have for your surf camp adventure. The team at Costa Rica Surf Camp has a few more suggestions that will make your surfing adventure just that much more awesome:

4). Bug spray! There are tons of mosquitoes down here, and we do not want you getting sick. It’s best to load up on Bug spray (especially if you are travel May through December)

5). Umbrella/Poncho (traveling May through December)

6). Beach Towel – this isn’t a must, but it is always nice to have.

7). Sunglasses

8). Old tennis shoes or water shoes like Keens or Tevas, if you plan to explore the jungle

9). Camera – Although we will take lots of pictures of your trip, it’s always nice to have your own!

10). Shorts, Lightweight T-shirts, dresses and sandals

11). Hat to protect yourself from sun

12). A smile and an awesome attitude!

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