January 1, 2017

Commit to 2017: Learn to Surf

It’s that time of year again. The time of year we reflect on the past year and commit to growing and improving in the new year. Maybe you have already made a New Years resolution or maybe it hasn’t crossed your mind, but let me make a suggestion. This year is your year to learn to surf!

In preparing to write this, I wanted to get a better understanding of what a New Years resolution is and which ones are the most popular, year after year. According to Wikipedia there are 14 popular and recurring New Years resolutions. Half of these can be achieved through learning to surf.

Learn to surf: The benefits

1) Improve physical health: lose weight, get fit and eat well.

2) Improve mental health: be more positive,laugh more and enjoy life.

3) Improve education: learn something new and improve talents.

4) Improve self: reduce stress, be more independent, manage time and be less grumpy.

5) Take more vacations and trips.

6) Get along better with people, improve social skills and make new friends

7) Spend quality time with family members

8) Be more involved with sports and different activities

Learn to Surf in Costa Rica
Do any of these sound familiar?

A lot of people make these resolutions and then within the first weeks of the new year lose sight and give up. The great thing about learning to surf is you’ll notice changes almost immediately. These changes and improvements become very encouraging. Whether it is clearer skin and a toned body or greater confidence and clarity, learning to surf becomes addictive.

As independent as it might seem, learn to surf and you’ll find yourself a member of a worldwide community. Bonded by the ocean and shared accomplishments. Your new found knowledge of surfing can take you around the world, visiting surf camps and exotic beaches in Australia, Indonesia, United Kingdom and of course Costa Rica!

Here at Costa Rica Surf Camp every day we paddle out we are humbled, practicing patience, creating a greater connection to the planet and our community. If you’ve ever wanted to challenge yourself, get fit and make new friendships then commit to 2016 and learn to surf!

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