Late June at Costa Rica Surf Camp

July 1, 2013

Late June at Costa Rica Surf Camp

We had a great time this past week with our students from the United States and all the way from Norway! Here at Costa Rica Surf Camp, we get students from all parts of the world and it is very fun for us to learn about new cultures and new places. June in Playa Dominical is an amazing time of year and we had a busy month! Playa Dominical attracts people from all walk of life, and here’s a peak of what we were up to all this week…

truls at Costa Rica Surf CampTruls joined us first from Norway, an athletic guy who works with the military, Truls was a beginner surfer. He caught on quickly and feel in love with the sport, and also Dominical. We went surfing daily and hung out at the waterfalls and toured around the National Parks, where we saw 3 different species of monkeys, sloths and many other animals. Truls has been having such a good time with us, he is still with us!

djuna at Costa Rica Surf CampDjuna and James joined us as well from the United States and were also beginner surfers. They are such great people and we had a blast all week! We had daily surf lessons, and also got to go to the waterfalls and to Manuel Antonio National Park. They stayed in our Paraiso package and loved it! We look forward to seeing them back here soon on their next surf camp adventure!


Beyond that, we had a blast with our other students, many who joined us for just a few days of surfing or in between studying Spanish at the local Spanish school. The surf was amazing and the weather held up for practically the whole week!

Costa Rica Surf Camp UpdateCosta Rica Surf Camp UpdateCosta Rica Surf Camp UpdateCosta Rica Surf Camp UpdateCosta Rica Surf Camp Update



We ended the week at the Dominical Lifeguard Fundraiser! It is an annual event that hosts auctions, raffles, music, food and games, all in order to raise money for the lifeguards. The ocean can be a dangerous place, and without government funding, the Dominical Lifeguards rely on donations! Costa Rica Surf Camp donated private lessons and some Costa Rica Surf Camp gear, and hopefully with all the efforts from the community and visitors, the Dominical Lifeguard program will be up and running again!

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