November 18, 2016

Costa Rica Surf Camp instructors Ezequiel and Falon have put together a list of a few things they think are very important for future students to keep in mind while preparing and learning to surf.

Costa Rica Surf Camp Instructor, Falon

Costa Rica Surf Camp Instructor, Ezequiel






Top 5 things for a successful week at Costa Rica Surf Camp

1) A lot of people ask us how they can get ready for a week a surfing. Push-ups help with your pops up! Running or swimming with help your endurance, and stretching and improving your balance will help you ride your perfect wave.

2). Show up to our surf camp with a positive attitude and be motivated to learn to surf! Costa Rica Surf Camp is located in a amazing surf town, and now is the time to learn to surf!  Surfing is one of the most difficult yet rewarding sports you can learn. A good attitude and motivation will do more than you can imagine to improve your surfing!

3). Trust and listen to your instructors. They have been teaching surf for many years and know what you need to do to improve your surfing. Practice your instructors advice and your surfing will improve! They are always eager and willing to share their knowledge and love for surfing.

4). Get a good night’s sleep and drink a lot of water. Surfing is a very physical activity and if you are going to party the night before, make sure you keep in mind you have a long day of surfing ahead.

5). Bring a bathing suit that is tight fitting and will not fall off in the water! We have great suits for sale in our surf shop.


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